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Prophecies and Prayer


Prophecy from "The Ministry of Angels" Series

Is this Prophecy Relevant for Today? I’m asking you to judge it by the Spirit.
  • Charles Capps

Prayer for Nation and Election

Those of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit can pray in the spirit and affect change in our nation. The Spirit can make intercession through us to bring about the will and purpose of God in the earth. I am asking you to intercede on behalf of this nation and its leadership by praying in the Spirit and also praying this prayer aloud.

  • Annette Capps

My Army Will Be Involved In The Governments

In days past it has been very unpopular in government circles to mention religious or Born Again experiences. But in the day which you live it will be more popular to say, “I'm Born Again,” than to speak against the God of all creation. For you see, I'm raising up an army, and they're beginning to stand up now. They have sat on the side lines in days past, but I'm marshalling My forces, saith the Lord.

  • Charles Capps

Supernatural Manifestations of Ministering Spirits

In the days to come, you are going to see supernatural manifestations of the ministering spirits of God throughout the nations of this world. You have already seen it in this nation. You have seen it in the [1980] election. You have seen it in the things that have turned about in the last few months in this nation.

  • Charles Capps