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Prophecy from "The Ministry of Angels" Series


Is this Prophecy Relevant for Today? I’m asking you to judge it by the Spirit.

Prophecy given by Charles Capps in Harlingen, TX — November, 1981


   There are going to be men that are going to be framed and conspiracies against them to remove them from high positions, and to keep some from getting in high positions. There will be great pains and great effort given to put them down, expose them, and reveal things that are lies against them to deliver them from high government positions. But in the end, it shall be that there will be a turning around of what the enemy has wrought and bring forth the manifestation and those that have done it will be exposed and expelled, and those that have been conspired against shall RISE to higher government position. For this nation shall walk in the ways of the Lord, for my people have interceded and called upon me and believed me for supernatural things and now you're gonna see it saith the Lord!



This audio clip is from the 3 part series The Ministry of Angels.


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