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June Partner Letter

June Partner Letter

June 2020

Dear Partner,

    Did you know that your thoughts have power? It may seem as if they are hidden somewhere deep in your brain and invisible and unheard to those around you, but they are living thoughts, alive with power. And…whether you realize it or not they are communicating either with the cells of your body or an energy felt by others.

   Proverbs 23:7 says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

   You are what you think. You continually become what you meditate on.

   Now, who has control over what you think? Does your spouse, your children, the news media? These may all give their opinions about things, but it is up to you to select which thoughts you believe and accept as fact in your mind. As a child, you may have been told you were different, a slow reader or an “average” student. Not having the wisdom yet to select what you believe about yourself, you most likely accepted your role as “less than” everyone else. The results of that thinking is telling yourself, “I will never be as successful or happy as others or live in a nice house.” This thinking and believing sets a goal for you.

   If your reasoning powers had been fully developed you might have told yourself, “Whatever is going on with my ability to learn in this place at this time does not determine my future or my worth or my value as a person.” That thought becomes a belief and has power in your life.

   Now the only way to get to that point of truth is for someone to teach you “how to think.” If your parents or a teacher encouraged you that you were talented in other areas, your attention and thoughts would have directed you into success in the gifts and talents that naturally dwell within you.

   Do you see the power of those thoughts which become beliefs?

   This is the reason the Word of God is so powerful in our lives. Those of us who had no one to teach us how to discern the truth between who we are and what other people say about us, have the opportunity to learn from the Word what God says about us. How He sees us is so much more important than what we think about ourselves and infinitely more important than what others say about us.

   When your thoughts become beliefs, beliefs generate feelings or emotion which take the form of an energy field that communicates not only to your own body, but those around you sense it and depending on how strong it is, react to it.


In Christ,
Annette Capps


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