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July Partner Letter

July Partner Letter

July 2020

Dear Partner,

   “You give life to whatever you speak.” “Your words constantly create life and peace or death and destruction.” It makes you want to keep your mouth shut, doesn’t it? At least until you have thought about what you are about to say!

   We are creators made in the likeness of THE CREATOR, God our Father. When I was younger, I was a regular beehive of creative activity. While my younger sister, Beverly, was inside creating cakes, cookies and good things to eat, I was outside creating paddocks for the horses, housing for the animals, and devising new ways to have fun on a tractor. I was busy creating something – even if it was trouble!

   It is evident from Genesis chapter 1 that God is a Creator. It is within His nature. But it is also within our nature to create because God created us out of Himself.

   Genesis 1:26 (CJB), “Then God said, Let us make humankind in our image, in the likeness of ourselves…” Verse 27, So God created humankind in His own image…” He breathed the breath of His Spirit into us and we, like Him, are spirit beings. We create primarily the way God created in Genesis 1, by WORDS. When I have a creative idea, the concept is formed in my mind and heart, and then I say something. This begins the process. Just as an architect conceives an idea, tells about it, then puts it on paper – that is only a beginning. It takes time to get the drawing right and then construction begins. It may take months or years to completion.

   Never be discouraged when what you say, pray or confess doesn’t happen immediately. Seeds that are planted take time to sprout, grow and produce fruit.

   And never stop creating, no matter what your age, for you are a creative being. The Holy Spirit reminded me of this recently as I began to think of all the things I used to do. There is much more within me to be created and expressed for good in the earth.

What are your creative talents and gifts? Have you stopped creating? If so, the world is being robbed of the gifts God wants to manifest through you. Use your words to get back on track, transforming this earth to the image God had in the beginning.

   The staff and I love you, pray for you and appreciate you!

In Christ,
Annette Capps

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