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August 2019 - A Letter from Annette

August 2019

Dear Partners,

       We are currently in a time of relatively good economic growth in the United States.  As a result, there are many new homes and housing developments being built.  As I drive by and look at these beautiful homes, I am noticing the exterior – the stone, brick, paint, landscape.  All of which is above ground.

       I do not know anything about the foundation of these homes, how deep they dug the footings, the soil type, whether they used piers to the bedrock below.  I only know what I see and it looks good!  Only after landslides, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes do you find out how well this house was built.

       At a beautiful resort on the side of a mountain, I witnessed the utter destruction of what looked like a strong house.  Water caused the collapse of the soil beneath and the foundation split and crumbled and the house with it.  A few doors down, another house had been built and I had witnessed the builder put piers down to the bedrock and stabilize the foundation, then put in footings and cement... That house will not be moved!

       Many think Jesus’ parable in Luke 6:47-49 about building your foundation on bedrock, not sand, is telling us to build our foundation on Him.  Well yes we do, but what He said was, “Everyone who comes to me, hears my words, and acts on them…”

       ACTING ON THE WORD or DOING THE WORD is the building on a strong foundation.

       There are those who quote scriptures, say the right words, and pray the right prayers.  Someone can shout “Amen,” dress right and look right on the outside, but if they are not doing the word and acting on what they know, there is sand beneath them.  You never really know who is obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit, acting on Jesus’ Word and doing it when no one is looking.

       Make a quality decision to always do what you know the Word tells you to do, act on it and your house will stand the storms of life!

                                                                                   God Bless You,
nnette Capps