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A Letter to Our Partners

Dear Partner,

     Each month I receive notes and letters from many of you letting me know how much the monthly teaching pamphlets bless you, and I so appreciate hearing from you. It’s always a blessing to know that the time and effort spent getting the Word in print is bearing fruit!

      One thing has disturbed me. I receive notes from people who ask to be removed from the mailing list because they have fallen on hard times and have no money to contribute. We are always willing to remove people from our pamphlet mailing list when they request it, but what disturbs me is that anyone would think we are sending these teachings as a request for money. These teaching pamphlets are a ministry and we do not expect every person to respond financially. Those who are able to give help pay for printing costs for those who have nothing to give – particularly the elderly and those who are ill. It seems to me that those are the people who really need the Word and encouragement. I don’t want any of our partners to stop receiving the pamphlets because they can’t give money; I want you to receive it as our gift to you.

     To those of our faithful partners who are able to give, God bless you for enabling us to provide these teachings to those who can’t give. Obviously, without your support we couldn’t do what we do. You are an integral part of Capps Ministries and I sincerely thank you for your continued support.

     I pray you will be blessed and encouraged by the teaching this month on, “How to Bring Anxiety Captive.” May the peace of God keep guard over your heart and mind in Christ Jesus!

In Christ,

Annette Capps