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September 2021 Partner Letter

September 2021 Partner Letter

September 2021

Dear Partner,

   I will never forget when the Lord spoke to me very directly many years ago about something that took place in my life. I was frustrated and felt like I had failed. I had failed the Lord and failed to attain the lofty goals I had set for myself. After all, I was born again and Spirit filled. I knew the Word. “I should be doing better in my Christian walk,” I thought. It was nothing huge, but I was unhappy with myself.

   The Lord spoke to me and said, “Do you remember when you were young and your Mom and Dad would stand you up by the door facing and make a mark above your head to measure your height?”

   “Yes, of course I remember,” as I was silently thinking, where is this going?

   “Why were they measuring you?”

   “To see how much I had grown.”

   “Well, that is the way I look at you. I don’t measure you to see how short you are…how much you are lacking. I measure you to see how much you have grown.”

   I will never ever forget that. God looks to see how much we have grown spiritually and is proud. He is not looking at our deficiencies but our sufficiencies through growth in the Word. That made me want to grow even more!

   Recently I was watching a video of someone I know who just exudes innocence. I couldn’t quit thinking about it because there are so few adults like that. I know myself and felt that I paled in comparison to her Christ-like attitude. The next morning I woke up and said, “God, I think she is the most guileless person I know.” He replied, “I see all of my children like that.” What a shock! I was overwhelmed, but then He is a FATHER, and He is OUR Father.

   Jesus knew no one would stand with Him when His time came and that Peter would deny Him, not once but three times. Yet He knew the potential that existed in each of them through the Word He had spoken and the promised Holy Spirit Who would indwell them.


In Christ, 

Annette Capps


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