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Numeric Values Reveal Important Clues to the Last Days

Numeric Values Reveal Important Clues to the Last Days

October 2022


   The pamphlet enclosed was first published in 1998 after the Lord had given my dad, Charles Capps, a mandate to teach on the end-times. Here is a copy of his original letter introducing the subject:

   “Have you ever noticed how God uses numbers associated with certain events in the Bible? I have found there is a consistent pattern of numbers that are associated with certain events in the Bible to give us prophetic insight. I had never given much attention to the numbers because I assumed it was a coincidence that these numbers showed up where they did in Scripture. However, when I began doing research for the book, End Time Events, I discovered a definite pattern in the way numbers were associated with certain events to confirm the revelation of the written Word.

   It’s one of the most interesting studies that I have ever done, and I want to share it with you in two pamphlets. This is not numerology. It is Biblical numerics, which God used to magnify His Word. We don’t build doctrine on numbers, but numbers in Scripture confirm the revelation of the Word and sometimes even magnify that revelation.

    I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in Scripture that is coincidental. The Holy Spirit inspired the writers to include in Scripture the exact things that God wanted revealed to this end-time generation. You will find an enclosed pamphlet titled Numbers and The Revelation of God. I believe you will find it very interesting and informative.”

   Needless to say, he felt that the research he had done on the numeric values revealed some important clues to the last days we are living in. These discoveries confirmed the times and seasons indicated in the Scriptures. The Bible is a living Word from God and its mysteries continue to unfold.

   If you would like to receive a copy of Part 2 of this teaching, please let us know and we will provide it free of charge. It is called Numbers and The Revelation of God – Part 2.

   We pray for you and bless you in Jesus’ name, and would love to hear your testimonies of how the Word has changed your life!


God Bless You, 

Annette Capps


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