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Ask for Wisdom!

Ask for Wisdom!

February 2023


   I learned many lessons in common sense being raised on a farm. I also learned to pray! When I was on the farm (or in the wilderness!) and was stuck way out in the field with a problem, you have to figure out an answer on your own because it’s just you and God. There were no cell phones and no mechanics or roadside assistance when I grew up! 

   There were many times when the prayer went up, “OK God, now what do we do???” I learned to rely on the Holy Spirit to give me a supernatural solution and most of the time it was what you would call “common sense wisdom” brought to my attention. Once my Dad was off in a muddy field on an off road ATV when he ran out of gas. As he contemplated his situation, his attention was drawn to the water in the bayou. (No, he didn’t turn the water into gasoline.) But he did put just enough water in the gas tank to raise the remaining fuel to the suspended fuel line. The engine started and he had enough gas to make it back. 

   Sometimes we separate the natural from the supernatural, not realizing that these two realms are interwoven and connected. God is not only interested in but is involved in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE, including offering wisdom when you have run out of gas! All we have to do is invite Him into our lives to partner with us in everything we do on the job, at home, driving, buying, or selling.

   He has the answers to every situation. We just have to ASK.

   “If any of you lacks wisdom to guide him through a decision or circumstance, let him ask of God who gives to everyone generously…and it will be given to him.” James 1:5 (AMP)

   I am blessed to hear from God in church, but I am even more blessed when I hear from God in my everyday life. The Word that Jesus taught is PRACTICAL, which means we can put it into practice in our lives. 

   Start your day asking for wisdom and ask with faith believing that you have received. Declare aloud, “I am filled with the wisdom of God and I know what to do in every circumstance because Christ dwells in me in all wisdom!”

   The supernatural power of the Word weaves faith and common sense into a successful life!


In Christ,
Annette Capps


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