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April Partner Letter

April Partner Letter

April 2020

Dear Partner,

   We all have different interpretations when it comes to the word “love.” Some people seem to think Christian love is only about “turning the other cheek” and allowing others to take advantage of you. But if we look at love from the standpoint of “God is love,” it can give us a different perspective.

“He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (I John 4:8)

   God Himself is love. And love (God) made some very difficult decisions in His actions of love. After all, He sent His only Son to death, but that was love. The Bible gives many examples of separating the sheep from the goats, the tares from the wheat, and wicked from the righteous. God’s love is there waiting for the wicked to turn to Him, and yet His covenant requires not only a blessing but also a curse. If there were no penalty for breaking a covenant, then there would be no valid covenant.

   There are times in our lives when love requires us to separate ourselves from others because of their behavior. There are times we are led to address issues with those who are not walking upright before God. Yet, this is love, and should only be done with wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

   Wisdom and the powerful force of the love of God led a couple to leave their son in jail over Christmas, separated from the family. This act shook the young man and led to repentance and a life change. Love is patient and kind, but since God is love, it is also righteous.

   We do struggle sometimes to walk in love and do the right thing, but wisdom is always calling to us.

“Wisdom is calling! Understanding is raising her voice! People, I am calling you, raising my voice to all mankind.” (Proverbs 8: 1 & 4 CJB)

   And…love is within you always because the love of God has been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

   I pray you will be filled with the spirit of wisdom and revelation! You are a blessing and I appreciate you.

In Christ,

Annette Capps


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